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Limited Edition Spoons

After several years of testing, I finally came up with what I consider to be the perfect combination of weight and size.

We have used these spoons extensively for big northern pike and have experienced great success with them, including a boatload of pike over 20 pounds. And while I have never used them in muskie waters, I'm sure they would work, especially early in the season.


Of the 7 color patterns offered, 5 are of natural "species specific" patterns that resemble forage of pike. The other 2 are of bright, flashy patterns perfect for dark water or overcast weather conditions. The spoons feature a single barbless hook with a custom skirt attached. The hook is of a special design that not only hooks well, but has a special bend that seems to hold better than other barbless hooks.


The price for these custom-made, "can't buy in any store" spoons is $7.50 apiece. Shipping will be $5 for the lower 48 states, and I can ship at least 20 spoons for that five bucks. If you are outside the lower 48 states, I will still ship to you. Email me before sending payment, and I will check on the cost. I will not charge more than cost.


This is a limited time offering. The gentleman who paints these spoons for me has passed away, so these spoons are no longer in production. So if you're looking for a great big pike lure, don't delay! Order yours now!




The color patterns are as follows, from left to right:

1. Green Crackle

2. Hot Perch

3. Sucker - SOLD OUT

4. Yellow Perch

5. Brown Pike

6. Walleye - SOLD OUT

7. Whitefish/Cisco


Note that I have revised my shipping rates and procedures. Shipping up to 15 spoons to the lower 48 states will cost $6.90, and 16 or more spoons will cost $13.45. If you live outside the lower 48, don't hesitate to email me for a shipping quote - I'll only charge what it costs me to ship to you. I accept PayPal (see below), US postal money orders (denominated in US dollars only) and personal checks, though if you choose to pay with a check, I reserve the right to hold your merchandise until your check clears.

Shipping must be added manually if you choose to pay with PayPal. To add shipping, click on the drop-down menu below and choose the shipping item that reflects how many spoons you would like to purchase. You only need to add shipping once. If you'd like to purchase books and spoons in the same order, please email me for a shipping quote.


REMEMBER: Don't forget to add shipping!





When you add each lure to your PayPal shopping cart, the price is listed as $8.01 instead of $7.50. This extra 51 cents covers the fees PayPal charges me to conduct transactions.







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