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Limited Edition Spoons

After several years of testing, I finally came up with what I consider to be the perfect combination of weight and size.

We have used these spoons extensively for big northern pike and have experienced great success with them, including a boatload of pike over 20 pounds. And while I have never used them in muskie waters, I'm sure they would work, especially early in the season.


Of the 7 color patterns offered, 5 are of natural "species specific" patterns that resemble forage of pike. The other 2 are of bright, flashy patterns perfect for dark water or overcast weather conditions. The spoons feature a single barbless hook with a custom skirt attached. The hook is of a special design that not only hooks well, but has a special bend that seems to hold better than other barbless hooks.


The price for these custom-made, "can't buy in any store" spoons is $7.50 apiece. Shipping is $7.90 for up to 15 spoons or $14.45 for more than that.


This is a limited time offering. The gentleman who paints these spoons for me has passed away, so these spoons are no longer in production. So if you're looking for a great big pike lure, don't delay! Order yours now!




The color patterns are as follows, from left to right:

1. Green Crackle

2. Hot Perch

3. Sucker - SOLD OUT

4. Yellow Perch

5. Brown Pike

6. Walleye - SOLD OUT

7. Whitefish/Cisco


Note that I have revised my shipping rates and procedures. Shipping up to 15 spoons to the lower 48 states will cost $7.90, and 16 or more spoons will cost $14.45. I accept PayPal (see below), US postal money orders (denominated in US dollars only) and personal checks, though if you choose to pay with a check, I reserve the right to hold your merchandise until your check clears.

Shipping must be added manually if you choose to pay with PayPal. To add shipping, click on the drop-down menu below and choose the shipping item that reflects how many spoons you would like to purchase. You only need to add shipping once. 


REMEMBER: Don't forget to add shipping!






When you add each lure to your PayPal shopping cart, the price is listed as $8.01 instead of $7.50. This extra 51 cents covers the fees PayPal charges me to conduct transactions.







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