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The Pike Lure Hall of Fame


The first lure I'm going to mention here is the lure that I caught my first pike on back in the 1950s. And I still catch a bunch of pike over 20 pounds every year on them. It's a lure that never needs tuned, doesn't develop leaks, and is nearly indestructible.


Which lure am I talking about? None other than the original Daredevle. In the lure world, this one definitely can be considered an elder. But it is just as effective as it ever was as long as it's used correctly. When ol' Lou Eppinger came up with this one back in 1906, he really hit a home run for pike fishermen everywhere.


The name Daredevle is given to the 1 ounce size spoon manufactured by Eppinger Corp. I also recommend using their Troll Devle line. They're a bit bigger, and even though the name might suggest these spoons are strictly a trolling spoon, they are great spoons to cast.


Tip: Every spoon has its own optimal retrieval speed, the speed that will produce the best. Spoons were designed to rock back and forth in the water, not spin over. If you see your spoon completely rotating on your retrieve, you are overpowering the lure. Slow down! Remember ol' Lou Eppinger? Lou designed his Osprey (later Daredevle) spoon in 1906. Think about the equipment he was using back then. He didn't have high speed reels back then. What would be considered slow speed today would have been thought of as lightning fast back then. Watch your spoon in the water and time your retrieval speed so it slowly rocks back and forth. You'll catch a lot more big pike when you master this easy tip.





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