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Pike Pictures


Here are just a few of the sights I've seen while chasing monster pike.


1. Cow and calf moose



cow and calf moose


2. Mary with a nice pike from Alaska

mary with a nice pike


3. Jack with a nice pike from the Taltson river

jack with a nice pike tultsen river


4.Landing a monster pike in the cradle

landing a huge pike in the cradle

 5. Caught on the Taltson River, fishing out of Eric Beck's Aurora Nights Lodge


 6. Jack talking pike fishing with Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman at Milton Lake, Saskatchewan.


 7. See what this poor woman has to put up with? Mary will fish in any weather!


 8. Another bruiser from the upper Taltson River.


 9. Good friend, Crystal Panfil, with a nice one, fishing out of Laker's Unlimited camp on Lake Athabasca.


 10. Close friend, John Cleveland of Eppinger with a nice lake trout on Lake Athabasca

 11. Mary hoists a 25-pounder on Lake Athabasca. We were fishing out of Laker's Unlimited's Spring Bay camp.



 12. Jack with a nice one on Nueltin Lake




 13. One of the hazards of fishing. Mary yanked this out seconds later.





 14. Casting at Cat Island on the Taltson River. See the cat in the rock off my left elbow?





15. Mary with a big Taltson pike right before a storm hit.


16. I do not know the scientific name, but we call these Hair Snakes. It looks like a piece of fishing line, but it's alive!

17. A huge pike from the Taltson. Check out the head on this beast!

18. My friend Sam O'Reilly releasing a monster pike on the Taltson.


19. I don't recommend this, but when the lake is still frozen, we do our best to get after them!

20. Releasing a leech-caught monster on Lac La Martre.

21. About the nicest memorial honoring war heroes I've ever seen. This plaque was mounted on a rocky island smack dab in the middle of the wilds of Saskatchewan.

22. Mary with a nice lake trout she caught while fishing out of the Lakers Unlimited camp in Saskatchewan.

23. There's nothing better than feeling proud of something your kids have accomplished. This is our daughter Janelle with a dandy lake trout she caught on Lake Athabasca.

24. And pike too! Janelle with the largest pike caught in camp that week. Fishing out of the Lakers Unlimited camp in Saskatchewan.

25. Here's Mary feeding one of the friendly Whiskeyjacks in our cabin at Eric and Kim Beck's Aurora Nights camp on the Taltson River.

26. Jack with another great pike from the Taltson River.

27. This is my newest boat partner. Sammy is a miniature Dachshund and while he's a real pistol in the house, he's surprisingly good in the boat.

28. Having a look around from my end of the boat.






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