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About Jack
Jack is many things to the pike world - a requested speaker at popular sport shows and an acclaimed outdoor writer who has been published in The In-Fisherman, Mid-West Outdoors, Esox Angler and others. Jack's specialty is northern pike. It all started when he was young and was bitten by the fishing bug and ever since it has never stopped as he continually is questing for the monster pike in North America.

Jack has fished all over North America, from Alaska to the Yukon and Northwest Territories and many Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Pike are his passion, the water wolf predator of North America's lakes and rivers. He has been able to fish some of the best water on the continent. Sometimes, as in all fishing, no matter what you do right it seems like you're not going to see the "Big One"; other days, it's all you can do to catch anything under 15 pounds. Jack's been there and has the stories and pictures to prove it. Just browse the articles section and get acquainted with some of his stories - you might be here for a while.

Now retired from the working world, Jack fishes full-time all spring, summer and fall, looking for that next adventure which is always right around the next corner.